Bathroom Wall Decor – Inexpensive and Creative

Your bathroom deserves something extra special especially when it comes to decoration. Instead leaving the bathroom untouched, add stylish bathroom wall decor will never be a wrong decision to make. This is a decoration that will give huge difference to your bathroom. It simply removes the outdated wall paint color, remedies the décor issues, and […]

Small Bathroom Vanity with Storage

When it comes to small bathroom vanity, the available choices are as many as big bathroom vanity. Do not underestimate small vanity thinking that it cannot give you the spacious storage you need. You have thought it wrong. Even the small vanity can provide you with extra storage you need the most. With this storage, […]

The Advantages of Installing Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Well matched the decorative items and the decor themes of the bathroom will create an attractive look. One of the most furniture items you should put on your bathroom is bathroom cabinets. The cabinets provide you to fill up an empty space in a perfect way. It can function as a storage that will store […]

Corner Bathroom Vanity to Optimize the Most of Space

If your bathroom space is limited, how about make it to be efficient space. It is not an easy task, but it is also not that hard. The best way you can use is using a pedestal sink when you have a limited space of the bathroom. Using a full bathroom vanity sink will spend […]

Classical Aura with Antique Bathroom Vanity

Antique bathroom vanity is a good choice for those who want to emphasize the classical aura in their bathroom. It is not a secret that vanity is one of the things that needed to be put on the bathroom. Because of its big size and function, vanity is always catching people’s attention. If you could […]

The Kinds of Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

Vintage bathroom mirrors are easy to be found in every shop. Whether it is offline store or online store, people can easily buy the one that suits their style. Picking the vintage design would not only benefit you on term of style because you can also get a high quality bathroom mirror instantly. Instead of […]

Soar High with Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating bathroom vanity is the usual style that people go for modern design. Safe is the word to describe this design. Why is that? It is because the design can safely blend with not only modern design, but any other designs as well. This vanity design is always succeeded in making every bathroom design looking […]

Make Yourself Custom Bathroom Vanity

Custom bathroom vanity is actually the perfect choice of furniture you should have one or two in your bathroom. However, it can turn out to be risqué and difficult choice for those who do not understand much about interior design. If picked or placed on the wrong way, this type of bathroom vanity will make […]

Neat Wood Bathroom Vanity

Wood bathroom vanity is a famous vanity design, which is preferable for people who live in 21st century. The lightweight design does not burdening at all and can give a fresh yet back to the nature feels. Of course, bathroom vanity from metal material is also preferable, but as for classic style, wooden material is […]