Fresh Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Rustic bedroom furniture could be the answer for a brand new concept in your bedroom. Instead of changing everything to get a new feeling, transforming your furniture into rustic model would make a big change in your bedroom. Nowadays, people choose to go for rustic concept for their house as the substitute for the previous famous concept. Well, it is called the urban concept.  There are some ways that you can take to make a drastic change in the bedroom that would be revealed in this article.

To change your bedroom thoughtfully into rustic atmosphere, firstly change the bed sets. As for this concept, you can pick the platform bed. Usually, people would go for barn door platform bed for a natural and romantic feel on their bed sets. Normally, this kind of bed set has many drawers that can store all of your things safely and neatly. The next furniture that you can take is the antique nightstand. This is one of the rustic bedroom furniture that can make your house looks unique without looking too much. Antique nightstand without any drawer can be a good option to give clean feeling. Two sets of the antique nightstand on either side of the bed will make your bedroom looks too much. That is why it is better to put one nightstand only.

After that, you can contemplate on putting barn door themed shelf to match the bed set. It is better for bed set and shelf to go in the same color as well not to make the room looks too fancy. Then, the self will be even better if it has a mirror with barn themed frame as well to match the overall feels as rustic bedroom furniture. Al alternative, the mirror that’s right above the shelf is also good not to take much space in the room.

In addition, to complete the whole concept of going with rural feels, it is good to choose similar color not to make the concept beyond the targeted concept.  The color of the room also affects the whole feeling. It is better to go with the same color for bedroom furniture. Pick a solid wood as the material to give out more of rural aura. Simple accessories can give you more breathe of a village atmosphere and emphasize the rustic concept. Well, just complete your village themed room with rustic bedroom furniture.

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