Modern Dining Room Tables with Various Designs

Modern design might be a little bit overlapping with contemporary concept. In room design, modern is lightly old which time period starts after 1950s up to before 1980s. However, this period is still arguable. So, put it aside for moment then see the practical application from modern dining room tables. Regardless time, dining table in modern style is interesting to explore. There are several models, designs, shapes, and textures to give modern appearance.

Do not forget the basic style. This is one of simple ideas in room design. Only few of people can afford to buy fancy table with luxury accent. On contrary, majority of people only take standard and basic table. First design for dining room table is simple and long rectangular. It looks standard without any complex accent. Long tabletop comes from wooden then four stands are ready at four corners. The table size depends on the space on room. For small dining room, you get only short table and it looks like square shape. On the other side, big room is good with long table that’s suitable for feast or big event. Of course, the table should fit every family member to sit.

Flexible and modern dining room tables come in round or circle shape. It still has four stands but the tabletop is circle. One benefit of this model is flexibility to put in any spot of dining room. People have dining room in two basic designs. Firstly, dining room is separated area, so the room is solely for dining without cooking activity. Second design is mixing dining room and kitchen in the same area. Round table is good to give more space and it looks suitable to fit the first or second type of dining room.

Basic rectangular and round shape is not enough to express room owner. To keep modern as the main theme, this table receives customization or modification to look more expressive. One of modern dining room tables is small cafe model. The table uses round shape for countertop. However, the stands are crossed each other. It is portable table to put in any room without much issue for moving to get the right spot. Using table as similar to restaurant or cafe is good choice for flexibility. Modern is about simple yet elegant design. The table can blend with room style and design then fit to any room space.

The last important thing is chair. Dining table requires proper chair as good partner for the table. You may buy complete set of table and chair or get them as separated furniture. Keep in mind that modern dining room tables come with modern chair.

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