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Antique Coffee Table: Styles, Buying Guide, and Maintaining Suggestion

Coffee tables have become important furniture pieces in modern world that can provide ideal space or place for beverages. This item will accompany you when you have gathering around to talk with your friends. There is antique coffee table that can be a good choice for your living room as well. This furniture category has existed over a century ago. Antique table are absolutely not completely same with common coffee table. Such kind of coffee table indeed has antique style. It needs a special way to maintain. If you are going to buy this table, you should pay attention to some details to get the best antique table.

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There are several styles of antique coffee table which are included as more popular ones. Five popular styles will be explained in this section. The first one is Art Modern style which emphasizes long horizontal line and the curving form. Second is Art Deco style which has the characteristic of assertive and futuristic style. It is drawn on rectilinear and symmetry. Third style is Victorian with the use of lavish materials. The next one is coffee table in Queen Anne style. It emphasizes on table line and exemplifies padded feet as well as cabriole legs. The last is Regency coffee table of antique style. Regency furniture incorporates metal paw feet and rosettes often.

Take some considerations when you want to purchase this antique coffee table. The history of table you are going to buy is important to know as antique lineage or provenance. It is interesting to discover the history behind a coffee table by asking the information from seller with some evidence. The aging sign should be another consideration since coffee table with antique touch must have some marking and age signs such as wood and paint degeneration. You can decide between contemporary antique or reproductions antique to buy. Furthermore, look for the damage on this table. It should not show some structural damage or rot although it has the age signs.

After you buy the table, you need to maintain it appropriately. In order to keep the good condition, follow the best way to maintain the table. It is important to regularly dust the table with soft cloth to care about general cleanliness. You can polish wood surface twice or more a year. You should store antique coffee table in a place where the humidity and temperature are regulated. Do not put the table in a place where the sunlight shines to it. It is because the wood will dry out and the paint will deteriorate due to constant sunlight.

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Large Square Coffee Table Features to Consider

A large square coffee table is definitely the focal point in your living room. It is not just a table. Instead, it is multifunction table that is always usable. A larger table means having more space to hold drinks, food, magazine, books and also games. At the same time, it also provides space for your kids to do coloring. Of course, it also becomes stylish furniture to enhance the look of your living room. So, if you choose the wrong table, your living room will end up like a ruin. But if you can manage to choose the right and best table, you can enjoy a gorgeous looking room that you and your family can enjoy every single day.

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Not every large square coffee table is created the same including in terms of size. Therefore, before you choose the table, make sure to measure the scale of your living room by using painter’s tape. Make sure to break up the scale as well by flanking it using pairs of benches. You should consider the fact that the table will usually be removed when there is a party because of the need of better circulation. And, consider another fact that the table will come together with pairs of sofas in various sizes. Therefore, the table should not consume almost the entire space.

Here is the classic size of standard coffee table, 48 x 24 inches. This is a normal size used by various furniture manufacturers. The large table usually comes with doubled size which is 48 x 48 inches. Well, this is definitely one large table. That’s the reason why the arrangement can be a bit more difficult. Particularly for large square coffee table, trap top or lip edge should be added because there is always possibility for your kids or you spilling the coffee. By having the lip edge added, it will be easier for you to clean the spilled coffee. The large size of the coffee table should also come with the same height of seating area. It should neither be higher or lower.

Now that you have rightly decided the ideal size, choose the right material. Your large coffee table will dominate the entire setting. Therefore, it is a better option to choose for simpler looking material like wood. Wood is a neutral material so it will not over dominate the entire living room setting. Then, the last thing to consider is the color or your new large square coffee table. Again, neutral colors are more recommended for large table to create balance.