How to Install Canopy Bed Curtains

Most of girls want to be a princess. Well, canopy bed curtains can make their dreams come true. Do not think that they will be so expensive. Just surf on the internet or see on decor home magazines. You will find thousand options available. You can choose any canopy curtains for bed that are suitable for your room theme. Whether you have a classic or contemporary decor, you can get the right one, either it is in separate piece or in full kit.

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This gorgeous piece of furniture can provide a coziness and welcoming haven of sleep. It will be the perfect place for those who want to get a nest. You can simply use an overhead bed canopy. It would incredibly support sleepers become cocooned, swaddled, and protected in a personal sanctuary. Moreover, this item provides a splendor and individuality if you do not want to get a fairly bland bed. You can buy the canopy bed curtains in any furniture store, but it will be good if you purchase it in the same place you pick the bed. It will be cheaper to install a canopy frame on your existing bed. You can also hang your curtains from a framework and attach it to the ceiling. It will attract people’s attention. Well, this curtain has a lot of benefits, such as providing the privacy and driving away the mosquitoes.

Here are the tips how to install your canopy bed curtains. First, measure the length and the width of your bed. Then, measure the space between your bed posts as well as the space between the ceiling and the floor. It allows you to know the length your curtains will be. Second, purchase the curtains which are long enough, so they can reach the floor. Moreover, purchase additional panels to let the curtains spread. Third, mount the brackets about six or more on the ceiling using a screwdriver. Furthermore, make three wall curtains. Place two on the bed sides and one at the bed bottom. Fourth, make the rods into the size of curtains, and then slide the panels of curtain on them. And the last, just place the ends of the rods on the foregoing brackets.

For your information, there are some types of canopy bed curtains like the circular bed canopy, the box canopy, the half tester canopy, and bed canopies for children. Consider the purpose and the room before you purchase the canopy curtains for bed. Thousand options are available, so you can easily pick the best one based on your need.

Neat Wood Bathroom Vanity

Wood bathroom vanity is a famous vanity design, which is preferable for people who live in 21st century. The lightweight design does not burdening at all and can give a fresh yet back to the nature feels. Of course, bathroom vanity from metal material is also preferable, but as for classic style, wooden material is much more preferable than that. Lots of drawer is also preferable because it would give out more of classic feeling. Moreover, it will also make your bathroom looks neater because everything is arranged orderly inside the drawer. Wooden materials are also easy to get in every shop near you, so it would be no problem at all. It is also easy to improve the style up to your preferable design.

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The first thing that you will get after picking this material is that it is easy to custom the vanity up to your style. You can easily change the color with the color that you like. You can also clean it easily just without a piece of cloth. Wood bathroom vanity is also good instead of metal because it will never have rust in it. Your vanity will last longer and you will not need to spend more money for it. You can easily custom and change the color of the vanity every time you want it without any burden.

The next thing to be considered is that wood bathroom vanity would somehow make the whole feeling of the bathroom clean and clear. It is also suits any other styles available, so whatever your home design is, it is does not matter because the vanity will suits it anyway. Custom style of vanity from wooden material is also available in many places, so you can get your own unique design which is only owned by you yourself. Then, please pick a vanity that goes with mirror set, so the design would not miss matched.

The design from wooden material is usually also has a unique carving that will make the aesthetics feel add up by a hundred percent. The carving in wooden material can get your vanity exceed the metal material because of its pretty and artistic aura. This will also a bit tricky because you need to clean it through fully and it is possible that the carving is hard to clean. Bring on a nature feels and classic style with wood bathroom vanity.

White Bathroom Vanity Remodeled for Unique Bathroom

White bathroom vanity is probably the most common type of bathroom vanity you pick if you have no idea what to do with your bathroom. It may come as no surprise as white is the safest color you can pick out of all colors. While on the one side it is safe and standard choice you can pick, white has become many people’s blah when it comes to interior design. In other words, white has put them to total boredom as it barely impresses them.

While white bathroom vanity has made such dullness and hardly impressed many people, it does not mean you can pick this safe choice for your bathroom. You can let your creativity go into all over your bathroom by having this and that to your bathroom vanity. If you think the important key here is laid on the choice of the bathroom vanity itself, you actually got it wrong. The important key for this case actually rests on the color itself.

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Maybe you think that it is impossible to get creative with white color for your bathroom vanity as it is monochromatic one. To some points, it may seem true as white does not seem to have any secondary color like three primary colors do. In this case, you need to play it creatively with different types and shades of white. If you use your pink brain and choose the right types and shades of white for your bathroom vanity, it will totally have different look.

For this case, you can place your best bet on colors of cream and subtle rather-off white will totally make much difference for your white bathroom vanity. To some point, those colors will take away the clean, bright, and rather modern touch in your bathroom, but the added sensation is not unwelcoming either for your bathroom. If you choose the right types and shades of white, the sensation will be much more welcoming and warmer than it was before.

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You can do simple with softer and glossy types and shades of white for your bathroom vanity. It will make your bathroom vanity look more modern. If you want to make your bathroom vanity look more antique, you can pick the darker ones.

That is all for tips on white bathroom vanity. In simple, there is much more to white than you can imagine. You can make total difference in your bathroom vanity with white.

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