Rustic Bathroom Vanity in General

Rustic bathroom vanity in general is designed to make a comfortable village aura in your bathroom. Even though many people go for the modern style, it is also good to go for rustic design to get a fresh breath of air in term of style. Instead of following the trend, one of a kind style is always successful in making a great fresh turn from the obvious style. Make sure to balance the bathroom design with the overall fels of the house design to make it in accord and blend well. There are some basic things that you can do to get this style easily in your bathroom.

The first thing to be considered for the vanity is the material of the vanity. As usual, the material is usually from wood. It is bring up traditional feel, and you can get a light material to light up your room. Rustic bathroom vanity is also great with platform model. It is good to be far from the water to keep the material last for a longer time. The color of the vanity is usually just simply brown to emphasis the rustic feel and avoids it on being too fancy. Pick out the one with many drawers to save all of your things neatly inside of it.

Next, make sure the mirror goes with the same style as the vanity. To make everything in harmony, please make sure that the mirror follows the style of the vanity. Whether it is a floating mirror or a mirror, which sticks into the vanity, you need to make sure that it is at least does not over taking and cover the beauty of the vanity. Rustic bathroom vanity is good with big or small mirror. It does not matter because the original design from the vanity is simply plain. The outskirt of the mirror is also good if it is made from wood with a simple detail circling the mirror and the same color as the vanity.

To make everything perfect, make sure that the design of the mirror does not overweight the design of the vanity. Simpler design will be preferable to emphasis the rustic theme of the vanity. The vanity would be better if it is the floating one to give a unique yet rustic feeling. The mirror need not to stick into the vanity, so every style you like is preferable for rustic bathroom vanity.

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