Rustic Coffee Table Ideas for Impressive Room

Coffee table is one of furniture in living room.  Usually, it is good companion to sofa where stays at the middle of room. Putting rustic coffee table is alternative to get better appearance and increase the room’s style. Several ideas about rustic are available. Just pick one of them to suit your preference. Before exploring them one by one, it is better to know a little bit about rustic concept for interior design.

Rustic relates strongly to country or nature theme. It might be part of theme or stands as single theme. Normally, rustic design looks raw and natural without modern polishing in furniture. That’s why majority of rustic furniture come with wooden as basic material. Dark color is primary accent for rustic. However, designers combine rustic furniture with smooth accent for wall and floor to balance the texture. Pure rustic theme works well when you have suitable space and the right architecture. Additional touch is lighting fixture which is softer and more subtle.

Now, it is time to look some ideas about rustic coffee table. Standard rectangle is basic idea and design that’s commonly found at store. You will see dark brown table in rectangle shape and four small pillars at each corners. It is the most common design, but still good to put in any room. Standard design has benefit to fit with modern, contemporary, and old theme. It is very flexible, simple, and quite cheap. To get rustic appearance, the material is wooden in less polishing to keep the nature pattern.

Round, oval, and circle shapes are other ideas that suitable for rustic coffee table. Round shape gives more flexibility than rectangle. Carpenters or manufacturers start to expand idea and design from round model. This is the second design that will come immediately when they want to make something different. Round table may have four pillars to keep the tabletop. One unique design is big stand at the center then extended ground stands at bottom. It is like umbrella with single stand and extended parts to hold ground and keep it stable. Certain table incorporates three stands to replace four modes. As you know, three pillars are enough to make sure that tabletop stays as it is.

Another variation is coffee table with storage, full trunk or small drawer. This kind of table has two functions: artistic and practical. The material is wooden to increase artistic side and the trunk is located below tabletop. The table still uses stands to distinguish it from full chest storage. Therefore, it will be good rustic coffee table when you room is designed in classic concept.


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