Small Bathroom Vanity with Storage

When it comes to small bathroom vanity, the available choices are as many as big bathroom vanity. Do not underestimate small vanity thinking that it cannot give you the spacious storage you need. You have thought it wrong. Even the small vanity can provide you with extra storage you need the most. With this storage, you can store in any stuffs you use while you do your personal activities in the bathroom. Simply get your things more organized with smartly designed vanity.

Have you considered the built-in small bathroom vanity? Well, this has been a very popular choice among house owners. It can be put anywhere inside the bathroom even in the nook making it one of the most ideal nook vanities. This time, the vanity is designed to look like a cabinet. Yes, cabinet-looking vanity is the solution for smart organization. The bottom portion becomes cubby stores to store any toiletries and hair styling tools. Meanwhile, the top portion gives modern countertop space with built in sink. It also houses the docking station for your smartphones. So while you do hairstyling, you can still read messages sent to your phone number or make a call with your friends.


If you need a lot of storage, consider the cabinet storage tower vanity style. The designer has made this a perfect small bathroom vanity for any bathroom. It comes with custom finishes to make the small bathroom space feels larger than it actually is. And it also houses two sinks. Yes, you can even have twin sink in your small bathroom. This way, you and your partner can do your personal activities together. With the combination of pullout drawers below and adjustable enclosed at the top, this furniture definitely has what it takes to offer place for basically almost anything.

Another gorgeous style is the floating vanity with storage. This is known as a stylish small vanity. Judging from its name, it’s already clear that this is not just a vanity. Instead, it is a vanity with plenty of clever storage. It has the custom laundry hamper on its large center drawer. Meanwhile, the left drawers feature big enough storage for you to organize your toiletries. Choosing this vanity style for your bathroom is an excellent idea because the hanging vanity allows the space to be more spacious. Moreover, the floating small bathroom vanity also makes it easier for you to do the cleaning.

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