Steamer Trunk Coffee Table to Enhance the Living Room Decor

Steamer trunk coffee table is quite popular in the world of home furniture. This piece of furniture can build the vintage style in the room. It can also store your books, DVD’s, knickknacks that spend your space a lot, and any things that you want to keep inside, so anyone can’t see it. You can go to an antique furniture store to get this or find the good one on the garage sales. Even though it looks old, it can incorporate well with your living room decoration.

If you love traveling, adding the old coffee table can bring the character of adventures as well as the vintage feel. It builds a timeless sense and classic touch at the same time. This piece of furniture contains reeded feet to maintain it from the floor. Moreover, it has function like a table decor. If you want to create a room with more than steam-punk style through combining a Victorian design and industrial decor, old steamer trunk coffee table will perfectly work on them. In addition, try to put a big map on your wall as it will emphasize the theme of your steam-punk traveler.

Most of the old trunks are designed in brown or black colors. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to leave the trendy style completely once you seek out a lighter preference. There are various bright colors of steamer trunk coffee table in market. If you look closely, you will get some trunks coming in several colors and designs.

Some lighter colors of trunks like white and others are good option. However, you do not need to be afraid in using the darker colors of trunks. It just makes a sense. In fact, those darker trunks can still be used even though most of the furniture and decoration themes are white or in lighter colors. It can bring some deepness and boldness to your brighter room.

Even if your room has a little bit color, the dark trunk can blend well with the entire look. Certain trunk may be a little bit taller if it is used for coffee table. So, if you want to get one that’s a bit lower to the floor, try to get some references to achieve a rustic and timeless style that incorporates to the most neutral colors of your living room. Moreover, if you want something bold, use the blackest steamer trunk coffee table you can discover.

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